ARGUS Enterprise Configuration for a user with AE installed on their desktop

When setting up the ARGUS Enterprise (AE) integration with the CRE Suite please follow the below steps -

  1. Open the ARGUS Enterprise Configuration file. This can be found by searching “ARGUS” in the Start dialog. This is NOT the normal ARGUS Enterprise executable, though the icon will be the same.

  2. A dialog will open with a few options on the left hand side. Select “Database”

  3. Take note of the database name near the upper right hand side of the dialog, you will need this later.

  4. Click on “Manage”

  5. Find and Highlight the server name and copy/paste this somewhere, you will need this later.

  6. Open the CRE Suite Add-in inside of excel.

  7. Navigate to the Settings button and select it.

  8. Select the Integrations tab

  9. Select ARGUS

  10. Paste the server name and database name from numbers 3 and 5 above.

  11. Select the checkbox for “Use Trusted Connection”

  12. Test Connection and ensure a successful connection. You may need to manually type them in or adjust for any typos.

  13. Click Manage ARGUS Data Exports button

  14. Make sure any checkboxes that you need are checked in here.

  15. Click OK. You are all set!


After follow the above directions, user may receive this error. Please have them navigate to this link and download the application on this page

Sometimes after following the above steps you may still run into a connection errors like this


When u can’t connect to the server, but have installed SQL Server Express, you may need to add “\SQLEXPRESS” to the server name.

[COMPUTERNAME]\SQLEXPRESS which in this case would be DSK18-3F0JN2\SQLEXPRESS

In most cases, the following should also work.