Quick Start Guide for installing the CRESuite Add-in

Welcome to the CRE Suite! Here is our quick-start installation guide to installing the CRE Suite so you can start looking at your deals right away. This process should not take any longer than 5-10 minutes.

If you have any additional questions not covered in this set up guide, please feel free to reach out and we’ll help you get taken care of.

The general process for installation is quite simple. First we’ll need to make sure we are running the CRE Suite from a windows based version of Excel. The CRE Suite is not currently compatible with the online cloud-based or Mac versions of Excel. Then we’ll install the CRE Suite Excel-Add In and after that’s completed we can go ahead and restart Excel to access the CRE Suite. We also recommend disabling your anti-virus for the duration of the installation process. This will ensure that the anti-virus does not block any actions required during installation.

Please see the following video guides for the installation process.

Installation Guide for Windows Users
Installation Guide for Mac Users

During the installation process you may run into some errors. Please refer to the following Knowledge Base articles on the most common issues during installation. Don’t worry! These are extremely simple errors to correct.

Common Error: Trusted Certificate
Installing the CRE Suite with WebRoot Anti-Virus

Now that you have the CRE Suite Installed, please review the following quick-start video guides.

CRE Suite: Basic Features Overview
CRE Suite: Opening a Template from the Library
CRE Suite: Uploading (Saving)
CRE Suite: How to Share a Project

If you run into any other trouble feel free to reach us at 201-252-7487 or email support@cremodels.com.