Help! i don't see the add-in in my ribbon

If you install the addin and do not see the CREModels Ribbon AddIn once you open excel, please follow the steps in the attached PDF. This may also happen when excel crashes, is forced closed, or upon updates, etc.

Re-enabling the Add-in for the Excel Ribbon.pdf (176.5 KB)


Some users have called in with Windows 10 and Office 365 installed. They are able to successfully install office 365 as well as the CRE Suite add-in.

On install, The CRE Suite states that the install was successful.

However when opening excel the CREModels add-in does not show. After follow steps in the above PDF, The CRE Suite does not show up inside of the COM Add-ins dialog.

In this case, the user has installed what basically amounts to a ‘hybrid’ desktop version of excel. There are two different types of office 365 excel installs. One allows the user to install COM Add-ins and the other doesn’t, even though the COM Add-ins dialog is still available inside of that version of excel.

The best solution for this is to have this user call Microsoft Support and tell them that their desktop version of excel 365 does not allow COM Add-ins and that they need the desktop version which does allow this.

Confirmed that this has happened again. Another user stated that they installed Office 2016 from the Microsoft Store and that (while he could still see and operate Excel 2016) he did not actually have office installed. Once he contacted Microsoft support they were able to get this worked out for him.